Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"But why's the Rum gone?!"

...Because it needed to go. They say that a change is as good as a holiday, and I'm finding they are correct.

Chopped a fair amount of my hair off today (not personally but you know what I mean). That one simple act, added to the fact that I haven't had shoulder-length hair since high school, has put me in a jolly decent mood. Flouncing and bouncing and... what are other -ouncing words? Anyway, the hair feels strange but a lot lighter. It will take some getting used to, but in a positive way.

As for ACTUAL holidays go, I realised last night that I haven't been on a self-paid holiday. My recent travels have all been for work and although in some of them I've been able to see a little of the area I was based in, they haven't really been holiday-ee. Yes, yes, I know I still have to put up the final entries for my travels in Europe. Getting there. Slowly.

Now you may be wondering where I would go on holiday. You also may not be, in which case you may stop reading. I'm generous like that. For those of you (out of three or so readers) that ARE curious, about two years ago my best friend and I had this plan to road trip around South Africa. It didn't happen. And it probably won't happen very soon, but it's something I'd still like to do. There's so much of my magnificent country that I have yet to see. And since I don't have a fella, who better to travel with than a best friend? Rhetorical.

Considering the International percolation pot, I would want to go somewhere I haven't yet been, although Scotland will always be in contention. What got me thinking of all this hulla-buloo though, was Ireland. I have even gone online and had a cursory glance at flight prices. R9k rounded up. That's a fair whack, but man, I'm almost seriously considering it. If I do go though, I don't want to have a rigorously planned journey. I want to take one suitcase, as small as I can possibly make myself pack, and then I just want to wing it. At least, that's how it'd work in my head. In theory I may very well not be that brave.

Perhaps all of us have these moments in our life when we are teetering on the brink of something, our hearts racing, and we wish we could throw our hands in the air, give a yell, and just dive in, dealing with what ever happens as it comes. That's how I'm feeling about Ireland. Plus, thinking of that country makes me remember green eyes and a lilting shivers-down-my-spine voice...

I wonder....

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