Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Winter, the Twitterverse, Gyming and being Lackadaisical

Right, so once again, it's been a while. Main thing on my mind currently (since I am forcibly blocking out more family issues) is the chill in the air and how grateful I am to be living in a city where 15 degrees Centigrade is flipping freezing. As I sit at my desk waiting for files to backup - my laptop hard drive appears to be on the out and one does need to preserve ones work - I am mentally bemoaning the stiffness of my fingers and the wonderful icy-purple colour of my toenails. And yet I am still happy that although I cannot currently go work in the jaunty sunshine that I noted on my way in here, tonight I have a warm place to curl up and a hotwater bottle and/or teddy bear to cuddle on my way to dreamland where apparently worldly disasters await my subconscious. So yes, hello winter, thank-you for being mild here compared to other places (although to me you're still DAMN cold), and thank you cosmos for my luxuries.

As you may have guessed, I am at work. Not, as it were, working. Semi-working perhaps but mostly being lackadaisical. Responding to emails, drafting emails, collating things, organising; all those important but not imperative things we do to avoid digging in and making our minds work. Oh, and getting distracted by the Internet. That can't be painted as important though so it's just as well I didn't have it in the initial list. I am far more of a FB-er than a Twitter-er, and far less of a g+'er than both. Always have been, possibly always will be. I do, however have these brief bursts of activity via that blue bird. Today has been an example of that. One thing I do not understand is when people follow people they don't know. Before you scoff and mention celebrities, I am not talking about them. The majority of the accounts I follow are Actors, Authors or Comedians, the products of whom I enjoy. I don't follow a single non-famous person whom I don't know. It's mildly flattering I suppose when I see I have a new 'follower' whom I don't know from a bar of soap but that latter bit also mildly bugs me. Why do they care what I say or share?

Totally different note, there are a few things that I am currently proud of:

  • I have started going to gym (tomorrow will be a week since signing!) and this morning was the first one on which I went alone, and managed to self-motivate to haul my ass out of bed and go. Air punch!
  • The puzzle that has been sitting on my flat floor since February is starting to look fairly filled-in. Probably have about a third to go and it's all green from here on out. It's 6000pc, lent to me by my supervisor via a colleague. It's not a picture I would usually buy, but I am building it for the size challenge, 6k being a first for me. I really wanted to show it's progression so far, but the silly thing won't upload...