Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mike & The Mechanics

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I actually had a mini-holiday. This weekend past I took my mother up to Johannesburg to watch a concert by Mike & The Mechanics, a 80's/90's rock band whose music I love. She introduced me to it back in the day. After all the drama I had with shoddy internet connections and bad customer service communication from the ticket vendor, I was looking forward to the concert, but expecting the 'cheap' tickets I eventually managed to get to dampen the experience. They didn't. At all. The concert was great and I loved singing along with the songs I knew or just feeling the music. Silent Running is still one of my favourites. Even the slightly new sound (their original lead singer left or died or something) was great. The power of the two new voices, and the way they combined their sound was wonderful.

There was a band from the UK and Ireland called The Bogus Brothers who opened for the main attraction and at first the reception they got from the crowd was lukewarm at best. The first thing I noticed about them was their black kilts. After a few songs and more amusing stage antics they had the crowd on their feet and people were singing along and enjoying themselves. I have videos of some of their songs, somewhere. Will upload them at some point. The lead singer was the one who interacted with the crowd the most. My mother thought he was was quite "cute" (he's in the concert images here). So if you want a cover band with a bit of zing and a lot of pizazz, look them up.

So all this happened on the Sunday evening in the middle of Brakpan of all places (yes, I appear to be a definitive snob), but the trip lasted from Friday until Monday when we just drove back to the wonderful province of KwaZulu-Natal. That drive home seemed to take eternity to be done with. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was all talked out. The trip up went surprisingly fast because my mother and I chatted for most of it. Between that, spending three full days with her, seeing two old friends, and having breakfast and one hell of a yak with my grandad at the country club (excuse me), I had nothing left to say and that made for what felt like an awkward drive until I asked her to take over and I slept/read/ignored the world. I am waiting for traffic fines though. Those stupid average speed cameras are incredibly frustrating. And apparently don't work, considering the number of horrific accident scenes we passed on the way to (literally) greener pastures.

My first view of JHB. You can (sort of) make
out Telkom Tower with it's 8ta ball.
Overall I enjoyed the trip and the change of scenery. Seeing Craig and Wes (and his new wife) was great. I only wish I had have seen Lana while I was up there. Her suburb seemed so close, but time was so thin! One thing I know though, a change of scenery may be grand, but Jo'burg is not one that I wish to look at for long, particularly in the brown of winter. Coming home to KZN, as always, was a balm. Seeing the mountains and extra green (even in our own brown of winter) makes me happy. All those people who love JHB, good for you; you can have it.

(I do wish I had photos or a video of the main attraction at the concert but by that time my phone had died such a death it refused to even switch on. That portion of the night will have to be immortalised in my memory only.)