Saturday, 16 November 2013

Movember 2013

Most of us, at least here in South Africa, are well aware of the awareness campaigns for Breast Cancer - the Pink Drives and walk/runs and spraying your hair all sorts of interesting colours. A lot of the cancer campaigns have been focussed on women, but as of 2003 in Australia, there was a pretty unique one started for men: Movember.

For those who don't know what that is, it's basically where men show support for Prostrate and Testicular Cancer awareness by growing a 'tache for the month of November (moustache, November - you get it). It's not only about the awareness though: it helps to raise funds for P&T cancer and mental health. According to my quick research, though the idea was started in Aussie '03, today it has spread around the globe, with millions of men now committing to lip-hair for 30 days. You can find info re the South African chapter here.

Now I write this post for two reasons: one, because I think it's just as worthy a cause as spraying your hair pink and hence people should know about it, or be reminded if they know but forget; and two, because a friend of mine is a Mo Bro in a team as part of the SA Movember movement and I thought I would do a bit of shameless advertising on his behalf. So if you have cash to burn and a few minutes to spare to help raise money, please go to the site below and donate something to him and his team, whether it's 5 bucks, $1.00 or fifty pence (obviously more is also welcome), all will help.

To end off, I thought I'd share these amazing moustaches types as inspiration for all you hair-free-lipped men out there right now. You can shave it off on December 1, if your lady doesn't do that for you first! :)

Friday, 15 November 2013

Good, Bad, Ugly: An Update

So a month has passed since my last post and here's an update: we got robbed for a third time (still in October) and my last remaining laptop with all of my work from the past three years on it was unwillingly removed from my room. I woke up to the asshole banging on our window  - still not sure what he was doing that for since he was on his way out and was already on the outside of the building. Anyway, he was pretty zonked I think so maybe he didn't need a reason. So a lot of freaking out and minor hyperventilation later a decision was made that enough was enough and it was time to move. Immediately if possible. One two weeks later, to the day, I am happy to say we have signed a new lease. For a place that's on the 8th floor. Still intend to buy cacti...

Had a lovely beach week down in Uvongo with my best friend. Got sunburnt on the first day (totally unintentional)  but it was still great to have a change of scenery, particularly post break-in drama. We didn't do nearly as much drinking as people thought we should've but we did get all the ingredients for the two cocktails we like. Or so I thought. I am horrified to discover that sometime between having my first and learning the ingredients of a Harvey Wallbanger (in 2004) and now, I confused Grenadine with Gallianos. Horrified. So all this time I've been thinking I've been having my favourite cocktail and instead I have been having the Durban version of a Sex on the Beach. This explains why it didn't taste quite how I remembered. Ah well. Now to find a pub that stocks Gallianos....

Which leads me to the final updates. I really need the drinks I will be having at a friend's farewell costume party tonight. This morning I got in the middle of a fight between my parents where I inadvisedly gave my not-so-good opinions of a recent act of charity by my dad. I love the man, but flipping hell he breaks me sometimes. It's cynical to say but in this world goodwill and trust in others is rarely rewarded. Basing these conclusions on my dad's history of helping people out, giving them the benefit of the doubt, and trusting them to be honourable, this time round I foresee these parasites smacking him in the face with his trust and leaving him lying flabbergasted in the road. I am getting angry again just typing this. Thank goodness my friend tolerated my Linkin Park in the car on the way to work this morning. And for finding chocolate in my car. Woosah...

On a random note, does anyone have a copy of Wonderboom's Africa? I lost all my music when my laptop was misappropriated.