Friday, 28 March 2014

Like a kid in a candy store

I am waiting for code to run so am taking a bit of time out to tell you all how freaking excited I am about renewing my old DK game playing.

DK = Dungeon Keeper, a strategy game by Bullfrog from the nineties. I loved it back in the days of Windows 95 and 98. Lost it once compatibility died after Windows upgrades. Found a 'free' version of it a few years ago but found out that it was buggy and horrid and broken and playing it was just depressing. After a spontaneous dinner with a friend from PMB who is (and he will admit this freely I'm sure) a bit of a computer nerd, I am feeling all optimistic and excited. Like a kid before Christmas awaiting the presents, knowing what they'll get and can't wait anyway.

This friend and I were discussing computer games at the restaurant and I mentioned my heartfelt loss of DK. How many of you knew there was something called GOG out there? Well I didn't but I do now. Do I see an addicted gamer in my future? Anyhoo, hosts a version of the original Bullfrog Dungeon Keeper Gold and according to the user comments, the quality is true. I bought it. I. Bought. It. Me, the scrooge. It's downloading now so will have to wait to see if my excitement is warranted.

Need to fix my Windows though - it only runs on Windows and Mac and I basically just live on Linux these days. I discussed VM (virtual machines) options with my friend but considering I still have a Windows partition on my machine, I may as well use it. Just can't get into it. Since dual-partitioning I've been putting off fixing the boot loader. I know how to do it; just scared of losing my fast accumulating work. So... 1 hour left for the backup process, 8 minutes left for the game-download process. Then I can fix the boot and install on Windows. Hold thumbs it all works out!

Jumpy, jumpy excited!!