Thursday, 27 November 2014

Vibing to rhythms

I love the effect of music on our minds and bodies. Or rather I love the fact that music can affect our minds and bodies, and that it's pretty much different for everyone.

Once again I am at work waiting for images to render. However the time doesn't seem so sluggish because I am listening to music. Currently mostly pop-rock, some R&B and some good SA oldies by Miriam Makeba - I don't know what genre her music falls into. It's put me into a chilled mood, dampening the stress levels.

At dinner with friends and new people the other evening listening preferences came up and bands were mentioned I've never heard of, not that that's a particularly difficult thing to do. Anyhoo, our mood music preferences came up. Now I don't know what yours are but if I'm angry I tend to listen to my Live In Texas CD by Linkin Park, including steering wheel drumming and yelling/singing. If I'm sad or depressed I listen to (depending on the level) something like Seether, Nickelback or Disney. Yes, Disney. Singing along to The Bare Necessities or Hakuna Matata is an almost instant mood improver.

Then again I can listen to the same music when I'm happy. However my favourite rock-out music is AC/DC. My sister and her hubby bought me a vinyl with their music and there is nothing better than turning it up LOUD and dancing around in the lounge and being all 'rocker'. I probably look off my rocker actually.

Then there's the 'dance' music like stuff my Ellie Goulding or David Guetta, etc. That has it's own uses - usually pep-me-up when tired and needing to keep going. Also stuff to get up and dance to.

When people ask me what my favourite song is, I honestly don't have an answer. There are too many for too many different occasions. Plus I'm terribly indecisive. So that was never going to end well.

As an addendum, I've mentioned this before but I would like to improve my jazz knowledge. There are times when I get lost in the emotive nature of the few Kenny G tracks I have. No words are needed for his music. But, granted, you can't sing along to it.

I sort of got lost in writing this post. The point is that I love how music can make us sad, happy, help ease an angry vibe, and make us remember magic moments. SO, I'll stop writing, you can stop reading, and go put on the music that makes you smile and full of energy. Enjoy!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

All I Want For Xmas Is...

Picture this guy in a choc-Lab brown.
Dear Santa,

I'd like a giant teddy bear please. One of the ones that is almost the same size as you. One that's soft and cushy and makes a great huggable pillow. Colour preference is chocolate brown, but that's negotiable. No creepy faces or eyes that follow you around the room. It must have eyes though - faceless is even worse.

I make pretty good ginger and choc-chip cookies so we can organise a plate for you with some milk. It's pretty hot in SA at Xmas time (but of course you will know that) so I suggest some board shorts rather than your nice red suit. Also, no chimney - you can use the balcony. Do reindeer eat dog biscuits?


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Blog updates

I got bored. I admit it. Since I'm too broke to get a new hairdo or get my nails done, I gave my blog a makeover. You may notice the changes.

I have added pages. I am not sure they are totally warranted, but hey. There's the 'About Me' and 'WoolWorks' tabs so far (look above the quote).

The colour scheme and layout has also changed. I quite like it. It's only been, what, a few months since my last design edit. That's not too shabby.

Time to go to yoga now. Destress and untangle all these muscles. Ha, what muscles.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Short fuse

My goodness, I am irritable today. Well, this afternoon more specifically. Everyone and everything is rubbing my nerves raw. This is the time when I should walk inside my cupboard, close the door (despite the fact it doesn't stay closed), and scream. Really, really loudly.

Think this calls for blow-shit-up movies and high-paced thrillers. I wonder if Red 2 falls into either category?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Last Night

Today I find myself thinking about the groom-to-be from the stag do last night and wondering how he is feeling after waking up this morning. If the last we saw of him is anything to go by, I am going to guess pretty darn bad. He is the first person I've seen not to react to a shot of chilli vodka. I was kinda impressed.

The Bokke rugby vs England yesterday afternoon led to one hell of a fun night. Despite the slightly chilly conditions my flatmate and I opted for dresses, just because. We met the GTB just before the game. Well, I met his dad first. The rest of the evening is more or less due to his 'Challenges' T-shirt: 5 tasks he had to achieve by the end of the night. We helped him tick off 80% of them before he left :) He and his mates seemed a good bunch, and I hope his future wife won't be too upset with him after she hears the stories.

I haven't laughed so much or done that much hand-shaking and high-fiveing in ages, possibly never. We stepped out of comfort zones, had a fantastic time doing it and if the bill was a bit high or we felt a bit groggy this morning, then it was well indeed worth it.

Ah yes, it felt good to be different from my norm. Everyone should have a night like this once in a while. Rejuvenates the soul.

Plus the Bokke won, which is obviously a good thing.