Tuesday, 30 December 2014

More knitting

Then there were 3 more to go...
In other news....

My lack of access to pubs, restaurants and fast Internet means that I have gotten a bit of knitting done in the past week or so. Firstly, now I only have two more letters for the baby blanket to do - T and J funnily enough. Gotten both the 'F' and 'V' done in two days. The latter didn't come out very clearly - think it's a combination of the dark purple wool and the wool quality.

Knitting books are something I should probably start investing in, for the times when Internet is unavailable.

Since the 'V' didn't come out well, I thought about finally trying out the different colours thing. Stripes I've done, when I did my SA scarf, but not patterns.

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Pretty. But fussy.
My mom has a knitting book and I got an intarsia pattern from it. I would have thought the pattern too small for intarsia, so I did in in fair isle (so you get stranding across the back) but then used the intarsia technique for the two flowers (different purple strand for each).

The bear for my mother.
Bar some tension issues (you can see how the work gets pulled in where the flowers are), I think it came out quite well. Takes a lot more concentration than any of the knitting I've done so far. I see cool jumpers in my future....

Finally, I want to share the bear I made for my mom for Xmas. Again, first attempt and he's certainly not perfect (I had to sew his legs on three times to get them mostly level), but he turned out ok. She cried when she saw him, so at least she liked it. Well, she told me they were happy tears anyway.

So on the to-do-list for 2015 is to finish the blanket and to attempt a garment. I've seen some nice patterns for wool dresses or an off-the-shoulder top/jersey/thing. Still have to figure out what I'll do for the border of the blanket, or if I will just do the corner squares and leave it at that. Hmmm. The latter means only 4 more squares (after I'm done with the letters) but the border might look nice, although it will be another 4+26 squares...

Holiday stress

I hate worry. I wish the world could be worry free. No money worries. No safety worries. Idealistic. And unfortunately entirely unrealistic.

I am currently visiting my parents in the Free State for the festive season. Back in KZN my sister's place was burgled last night. Bastards. That's going to make them feel jittery, understandably, which will make everything unsteady again. Then I have my mother telling me things I don't want to hear: my father hasn't changed, he's spending money too quickly with little result, and worst of all, that she'd "take (herself) out of the picture if (she) had the guts". I know my mother. That doesn't mean pack her stuff and walk out the door.

So I woke up tired and am now depressed with worry about things I have no power to change. I am a coward. I hear all of this and I just want to get back to my flat and my life, effectively running away and hiding from my family's problems. I can't even get drunk on NYE and have that oblivion.

F. Bring on 2015.