Friday, 27 February 2015

Muddle update

How can it possibly be nigh the end of February already?! Has there been some strange time contraction occurring? I need the year to slow the hell down!

Stuck on a wheel of problems at work. As you go past one, another rears its frustrating head. The bastards. Suffering from lack of sleep - it's making my thoughts disjointed and my typing atrocious.

Outside of the work front though, things are pleasant. Mostly. The highlights of 2015 so far:

  1. Finally finished the alphabet blanket (I'll post stuff on that when I have a mo and access to my photos)
  2. Almost completed my 5000pc puzzle of the old world map. Have noticed it doesn't have Australia on it....
  3. Been on two dates since the beginning of Feb. May not sound like much, but for me that's a busy darn schedule. I like the guy. Will have to wait and see if anything develops.

Going to get back to my problems now. Onwards....!