Friday, 22 May 2015

Hello again.

It's been a while since I last posted. Heck, it's been a while since I last checked my blog at all. I've been working so hard, it just hadn't crossed my mind.

So, lots had happened, and at the same time, very little. I've got my visas for UK and Germany, so that's pretty much that until I leave (3 weeks away!) - think it'll feel strange to travel again. My aim for these trips is to pack as lightly as possible so I don't have to lug baggage and baggage and baggage around with me on and off trains. Trains; now there's something I am never used to when going overseas. Well, public transport in general really. Got the hang of it in Russia, so I should be good.

On a different note, sort of: for someone who is meant to be saving up to go to a friend's wedding in New Zealand in Jan 2016, I am spending money like crazy. Online 'stores' are wonderful, evil creations for those of us with less than spectacular restraint. In the last month, I have had 5 deliveries and even though I know what's in the box when it arrives, I still always look this excited...

Here are some of the items I've spent my money on recently, plus a yoga mat (the takkies I went into an actual store to buy though, and to be fair it's been over 10 years since I last bought a pair).Please don't think I'm a shopping nutter - all of these were bought on special and at least two of them I've wanted for a long while and have resisted.

A crazy DVD special - many of these got for R19! But none of which I really needed. Except for The Hobbit. And The Avengers. Ok, and Catching Fire since I have the first one and it's bad form to have only part of a series.

I signed up for the Durban Big Walk which happens this weekend. My existing 'sport' footwear gives me blisters from being worn through, so it was time. These are just so damn blue.

Mainly bought for its waffle-making ability. Used it within 15 minutes of its arrival. And threw in some choc-chips for good measure.
My latest acquisition: mini projector that I got 52% off! This is the one I was the most excited for. Tried it out already (rearrange the entire lounge to accommodate it (it's 16cm x 10cm x 4xm, huge, I know) and it works pretty well. Just need to sort out good speakers and then it's movie night at my place!

As for other things to report, I tried the dating thing again, but ended up making a mess of it and a seemingly very nice guy got hurt, or hurt-ish maybe. I finally got around to getting my 5000pc puzzle framed (another ouch price tag). It got delivered this morning but didn't have time to snap a pic before dashing off to work. Can do that later. Work is work and has been crazy trying to get my first paper out. No-one tells you the strife you'll go through until you're in the thick of it. Maybe I'll be able to submit on my birthday....