Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Labelling Christmas

I've a bee in my bonnet.

An article written by my local radio station and posted on social media asked "What would you ban from the Christmas (Holiday) table?". The article itself isn't important, but apparently the title got a few Christians riled up. One in particular said he was offended that the radio station was "demeaning his Christian celebration" by referring to it as "Holidays".

That just makes me want to poke the bear with a stick. First off, "holidays" is a sort of contraction of "Holy days". Holy. Relating to a sacred day.  So calm down there bud. It's hardly a derogatory term.

Secondly, goodness damn gracious you blinkered fool. Christianity is not the only religion in our country. Yes, the theological celebration of Christmas is a Christian creation (although, cough cough, your religious leaders hijacked pagan holy days, so who was demeaning what, thank you very much). And because at some point in time, Christianity was the overwhelming religion in SA, it became a national holiday, rather than purely a religious one only observed by Christians. SO. Now the day is celebrated country wide, though some take it to be a day to spend with family and spread the love and compassion, etc etc. Rather than being grateful for the birth of a boy that some say have gotten the date wrong.

There is NOTHING wrong with you celebrating your holy day which could call Christmas. There's also NOTHING wrong with a radio station, or anyone else for that matter, referring to it as "The Holidays", because for many non-Christians, that's exactly what it is. They don't need a religious reason to gather the family round a table for a special occasion.

You shouldn't feel the need to be so touchy about the label of the day. If it's Christmas in your household, then call it that. But if someone wishes you "Happy Holidays", don't get offended. Don't shove your bible down my throat because you can't handle others celebrating the day for their own reasons.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Moving into 2016

What with all the changes happening, it's gotten to the point where I just want to be in my new place now and have things sorted and settled and certain. I find limbo uncomfortable.

My best friend came home today and something is wrong. I am hoping that whatever it is will pass sooner rather than later so she won't feel so down. Whatever it is, having the stress of work and moving and change all at once can't be helping. I don't know how to help though. Space, I guess. And a willing ear if it's wanted.

I've got some of my copious amounts of stuff packed into boxes. Haven't tackled my closet yet. Goodness. Having to go through my clothes and see what I haven't worn in ages, or don't fit into anymore, and chuck out the old clothes (that I love) but have holes in them... Arduous and a tad depressing, but it'll have to be done at some stage. So far, four boxes (1m x 0.4m x 0.5m) of books + dvds have been packed. Guess I collected more than I expected over the past two years. It's crazy the number of bits and bobs you realise you own when you have to pack it all up.

All in all, I suppose I am tired. Though that's nothing new. May 2016 bring happiness and fulfillment. And may I not "go off the rails" from loneliness like my mother seems to expect I will. I admit, it's a valid possibility.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Thesis Submitted!

It's been a LONG time since I last posted. It's been a hectic few months, with "deadlines" being shifted and shifted and shifted as time moved inexorably on and work couldn't keep up. However, I am rather pleased to announce that I finally got my thesis submitted, and in time for the 2015 cutoff as well.

So there you have it. A not-so-glorious 269 pages from cover to cover, and 45979 words in main text. Phew!

Had a lovely relaxed dinner with my best friend afterwards. A bottle of white wine and some chocolate mousse can do wonders for the soul.

As you can see, smiling faces once more. My family still doesn't understand my process and that it's only them that feel 'excluded' when I am stressed and can't tolerate questions. Guess I'll try harder to internalise around them next time. Compromise.

Now we wait for the examiners' decisions, move into my new flat (first time living solo!), and get ready for my self-paid vacation to New Zealand! Sky-diving here I come! And then it's 2016 soon and new job. Time will tell.