Saturday, 27 February 2016

And with that in mind...

Thought it'd be apt to mention a Doctor Who inspired x-stitch project I intend to complete. When I can find the bloody Aida.

Found a fantastic x-stitch pattern for the Exploding Tardis (Van Gogh style):

The large version (78 colours) gives a final size of about 240 x 150 cm (96 x 60 in), which is HUGE! That's on 10ct fabric though. There's a smaller version of the pattern (51 colours) which works out to be ~ 60 x 40 cm (24 x 16 in) on 14ct fabric. I like the 'HD' version but there's no way I am ready for a 2m project, so going to try it on 18ct aida, which, if my math is right, will make it a similar size to the smaller version, but with the large one's definition.

Making stuff for your house seems to be just as expensive as buying! :)

I'm a Doctor!

Not the useful, medical kind, mind. Nevertheless, Dr K is real. And what a relief! Though the work had been done, and it passed the examinations, and corrections had been completed to the satisfaction of my boss, it took a week and a half for the fancy-pants people-in-charge signatures to be signed before I could get the short-and-oh-so-sweet email with the paperwork attached.

"I have the pleasure in informing you that your thesis entitled:

Observational Probes of Merging Galaxy Clusters

has been accepted in fulfillment of the degree requirements and that you have been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Mathematics..."

Well, thank you very much. *mentally doing a jig*

It'll only feel fully real when I get tapped on the head while wearing the mushroom hat and red robes, but it's done. Whoop! Bring on the postdoc... and whatever comes after that.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Project ideas for x-stitch

Spent my day finishing a mini x-stitch project I had where I got bored with the large blocks of single colour (Share bear Care Bear is very purple). Been thinking of some more complex projects I could do, that'll actually be put to use, i.e. "artwork" for my walls. That'd mean something meaningful to me or others (if I am to gift stuff).

Used the Pic 2 Pat site to convert images into a full pattern. Here are some options I'm considering.... Thoughts? They'll all be intensive projects.

Africa from space
14" x 14" with 18 aida using 75 colours
Holding hands (for my sister)

Nebula (forgotten which one)

Photo of my mom and Grizzly Bear