Wednesday, 28 September 2016

"Adopt, Don't Shop"

Breeders and the human race make me crazy mad. Not all humans are awful, and therefore not all breeders are awful, but when I see the number of dogs on rescue sites, I struggle to understand why people don't sterilize their animals - the lure of money that comes with being a backyard breeder I suppose.

I have a soft spot for Great Danes and, although I have no means beyond small monetary donations of helping, I still look at their SA rescue website every now and then and it's terrible how many pups they have needing homes at any one time. And then you realise that this is only one breed. There are several breed-specific rescue sites: collies, boerboels, rotweilers, and daschsunds come to mind without even trying. And then you consider the number of animals stuck at Animal Welfare places like the SPCA. 

So please, with Christmas coming up, if any of you are thinking that a cute and cuddly fuzzy wuzzy puppy would be just the best thing for your household, please consider adopting. And if you really want a dog, please don't restrict yourself to a puppy. Much as it is with human youngsters, finding a home when you're no longer age-classified as "cute and cuddly" is ridiculously difficult, but you could be giving a wonderful creature a new lease on life. And they'll add so much to yours as well.

"Adopt, Don't Shop" is the tagline for Great Dane Rescue SA, and it really applies to all breeds. Here are some links to other various dog-rescue sites. Note the above sentiments go for cats as well.