Tuesday, 14 February 2017

It's just a Tuesday

I thought I'd be ok. The morning dawned and I thought I was alright. "It's just another day" was what I kept repeating in my head. No pink confetti. No hearts and mushiness. I thought I was alright. And then a friend offered me a hug and the tears immediately started streaming.

I don't know why I am still struggling with this. I am trying to think positive thoughts, to focus on the beauty and serenity around me, here in this game park with nature in full force all about.

But there it is. That maw, continuously waiting and pulling me towards it. I want to give in and wallow. But I know I shouldn't. So instead I am writing this down. I am going to go on a game drive and try to smile and take joy from any and all sightings I see. Keep the maw at bay.

Wish me luck.