As of 2013 I started learning to knit. Or relearning as it were. My grandmother taught me as a little girl - I distinctly remember being unimpressed with the colour of my pale pink knitting needles - but I was useless and was better at tapestry anyway.

In reverse chronological order (that's newest first, right?), here are the projects I've tried or are in progress. If there is a blogpost about it then I've put the link in.

  • Alphabet Blanket
    Completed: 21 January 2015
    Started:  early 2014  (I forget the day but the first letter was K)

    Wrote about it here. Got the letter patterns from here and opted for lots of colour. Used DK wool and 4.0mm needles, plus a crochet needle of the same size for the border. Took a long time to complete but happy with how it came out.

  • Teddy Bear
    Completed: 3 December 2014
    Started:  15 November 2014

    A Christmas present for my mother, who collects handmade bears. Working off this pattern though mine hasn't quite got the polish of the one shown there. He's not perfect - one arm is slightly longer than the other since I messed up my row counts, and I had to sew his legs on three times before getting them more or less level. Still cute though.

  • First patterns in a square
    26 February 2014
    Started:  25 February 2014

    Seeing which pattern stood
    out more.
    The idea to do squares for a blanket had come to light so this was some practice at how to put a pattern in there.

  • South African Scarf
    Completed: 2 March 2014
    Started:  Feb 2014

    Wore it mid-French Spring
    - worked wonderfully :)
    When learning to knit, you have to do at least one scarf. This taught me how to change colours while trying out one of the plainer scarf patterns (this one).

  • First Beanie
    Completed: 23 February 2014
    Started:  21 February 2014

    My first attempt at a beanie. My flatmate & best friend had already completed two by the time I thought I should give it a try. Bit of a disaster. Probably best to re-purpose it into a tea cosy, but even then...

  • First Attempt...
    Started:  August 2013

    ...after about 15 years since holding knitting needles. The plan was to knit a South African flag and/or just get comfortable with the knitting process. Garter stitch all the way.

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