About Me

Well. Hello there.

This blog started out as a place to put down my thoughts about things (mostly me venting about life and its ups and downs). Now it is still that, though looking at the post frequency, one would think I don't think too much.

I promise this isn't true.

I am a South African who loves her country, even if its politics drives me to despair. I love rugby. Watching it, that is. Forever a supporter of the Springboks and my local team, Natal Sharks. I will support anyone playing against the French or the Aussies, just on principle, though I would wear yellow if they played against each other.

I find soccer boring. Most of the time. I quite like penalty shoot outs, though find it difficult to summon the patience to last until these might occur. I support Aston Villa, just well, because the name reminds me of Aston Martin cars which I think are beautiful, and I had to pick a team for Fantasy Football. Plus I think their team colours are cool.

I am an astronomer (recently PhD'd). This means most see me as a nerd. Considering my love of reading fantasy fiction, my venture into knitting, and more recently, x-stitching, and the amount of time I spend in front of a computer, they're probably spot on.

I enjoy writing and find it simple therapy that often helps me resist punching someone (hasn't happened yet!) - I hope you enjoy my musings, as nonsensical as they may be.

This blog will be erratic. The thoughts within a single post might be so too. Consider yourself forewarned.

Have at it.

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  1. I like erratic blogs! So much that I write a couple myself. Thank you for being here.